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Pricing and Card Bundles

Create cards one at a time to send to a friend or colleague or purchase a card bundle if you plan to send 5 or more cards.

Single Card


All of our cards include the following features as standard:

  • Unlimited Pages & Signatures
  • Images, GIFs and Stickers
  • Upload your own covers
  • Choice of several fonts, colors and sizes
  • PDF Download
  • Schedule Delivery or Send Manually
  • Group Gift Cards Collection Pots
  • Multiple Card Admins
  • Private/Hidden Signatures
Create a card for $4.99

Card Bundle

From $22.45 USD

Get multiple cards for a discounted price and a single payment.

  • Everything in the single card features PLUS:
  • No Expiry
  • Share bundle with others
  • Use with all our card categories
  • Use with any of our websites
  • Purchase more whenever you run out
  • Send cards in bulk using our batch tool
  • Single Payment (no auto renewal)

Card Bundles

You can save time and money by purchasing a card bundle:

10% Off

$4.49 USD

per card

5 cards

$22.45 USD

15% Off

$4.20 USD

per card

10 cards

$42.00 USD


25% Off

$3.72 USD

per card

25 cards

$93.00 USD

30% Off

$3.48 USD

per card

50 cards

$174.00 USD

40% Off

$2.99 USD

per card

100 cards

$299.00 USD


Looking for more cards or corporate plans? Reach out to our team with details of your requirements and we'll get a custom plan set up for you.

Card bundles are a one time payment and do not automatically renew. You can use them on all designs and categories and they do not expire.

Gift Card Pricing

Gift cards are included with all greeting cards at no additional cost. We do however charge a small fee on each contribution to cover the cost of managing the service, payment costs and fraud prevention. The fee depends on the currency, but is around 5%. We show this fee to all contributors so it is always clear how much they are contributing to the card and what the fee is. We don't charge any other fees when redeeming the gift card so the recipient will get the full value of the card.