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Thank your Teacher with a Digital Group Card and Gift Card

Easily collect thank you messages and money for your teacher from the whole class.

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More about our digital group teacher cards and money collections

What is a group teacher card?

A group teacher card allows one person to create a thank you card for your teacher and share it with the whole class. The class can then add their own messages of thanks and appreciation. Our teacher cards allow you to share a link to a collaborative virtual card so that all of your friends and classmates can sign no matter where they are.

How can I collect money for my child’s teacher?

You can easily collect money for your child’s teacher by adding a gift card to your teacher card. You can then share the link with the whole class and they can add their own messages and contribute to the gift card. When the card is ready to be sent, the gift card will be sent to the teacher’s email address.

Can I send a gift card to my teacher without a group card?

Yes, you can create a collection pot for free without having to create a group card as well.

Who pays for the group card

Either the person who creates the card can pay for it, or you can add a gift card and use the balance to pay for the card. This way the cost will be split between the whole class. Collection pots/gift cards are free, so contributions only have to pay for their contribution.

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