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Bulk Cards

Bulk create group cards from a template and optionally add a gift card.

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Bulk Gift Cards

Bulk create and top up gift cards to automatically send to your recipients.

Create Gift Cards


Batch sending is the process of sending multiple cards or gift cards at once. You can upload a list of recipients and we’ll send the cards to them on a date of your choosing.

Yes, you can either send a batch of gift cards on their own, or you can attach a gift card to a batch of cards.
How do I attach a gift card to a batch of cards?
  1. Create a batch of cards and select the gift card you want to add in the correct currency.
  2. On the confirm page you will be able to enter how much you want to add to each gift card, e.g. £10
  3. On this page you can see your "Float" balance and if you need to top it up to cover the cost of the gift cards. You can do this on your account page in the contributions section.

Yes, but you will have to create a separate batch for each one and top up the float for each currency.

You pay for card batches using your purchased bundles. We can even combine multiple bundles to cover the cost of a batch if you are sending lots of cards. Gift card batches are free and you will only have to top up your gift card float.

Any cards with delivery dates in the past will be sent immediately. For other cards, you will have a unique share URL for each card. You can use this to send out and collect more message from colleagues, or edit each card individually, e.g. changing the card cover or message.